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Unscheduled Raid Of Snow Angel

Well guys, its a start…

Artix edit: I already  registered us for SMAP.

Of an army of which I know is going to do fantastic. It’s only our first day, and already we’ve reached fantastic sizes for a beginning army. We maxed 15 today, averaging 7 – 10 the whole event. Top 5 in SMAP Already secured. Top 10 in CPAC? Well, lets take it slowly. I’m really happy with the results shown today, its really proven that we arent an army to reckon with, and the people who declined our offers are going to be wishing they’d of accepted. I’m really proud of today, and what a clutch is all I can say. I’m really proud, and I hope this army continues doing what its doing!

Alright, so here are the pics.

Best Tactic

Only town pic (We had to move because of rouges



Great work guys, this is a fantastic start to our wonderful army, and I’m really proud to lead you guys.

-Aquabluejet CPF Leader

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